1. The Growth Initiative Award - Uganda (GIA)

The Growth Initiative Award - Uganda (GIA) is a program with a goal of identifying, raising and recognizing young leaders within the ages of 18-39 years in Uganda who are impacting their societies positively.

2. Women and youth skilling program

Where you are an individual or an organization, activism to prevent stems from a deep personal belief in the change you seek, and a dedication to making that change. This reaffirms our power within and compels us to take positive action in pour lives and communities to prevent Violence against Women and bring about Women Empowerment.

3. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Hygiene and Sanitation is another sect activity where it is further broken down to ‘making cities clean’, ‘Zero tolerance to un-necessary dumping’, and ‘Hand washing pot’ among others. In making cities clean..

4. Lighting schools with solar in Semi Urban areas

A Back to School Campaign organized in Iganga Municipality, Eastern Uganda. This campaign gave young individual’s access to Quality Education, UNSDG 4 as they were taken off the streets and back to school.

5. Re-greening environment in schools and urban areas

As part of our concern for community, we launched a national tree planting mobilization campaign for schools and institution dubbed, plant-a-future tree campaign, in September 2018. As part of this campaign, in 2019, the first 20 institutions/schools from twenty districts joined the competition by planting 500 Podocapas, 500 Cashew Nut tree seedlings and 500 Fruit trees.

6. Medical outreach camps and general health sensitization

The medical outreach carried out in Mukono Municipality within central Uganda, centered on Good health and wellbeing UNSDG 3, 5 community schools received free personal and dental hygiene kits. Over 500 students in 5 schools were impacted.

7. Transportation is the act of moving goods or people while Mobility is the ability to freely move or be moved. Transportation explains the act of moving something or someone, whereas mobility describes the ability of a person to move or be moved. Mobility isn’t just having access to one mode of transportation. Mobility is having transportation options, and the quality of those options. Our team defined quality transportation options with these three necessary ingredients: