Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Hygiene and Sanitation is another sect activity where it is further broken down to ‘making cities clean’, ‘Zero tolerance to un-necessary dumping’, and ‘Hand washing pot’ among others. In making cities clean, all people in the city areas of operation engage in the activity of cleaning up the city voluntarily. Zero tolerance to un-necessary dumping is a vivid approach to limiting individuals from dumping plastics and polythen including mothers dumping baby’s materials like pumpers etc.

Municipal Alliance for Better and Smart Cities with some of the schools in the project of making Mukono clean. Almost 75% of the schools and institutions in the urban cities have joined MABAS in the project of urban clean ups. This is evident in over 15 municipalities’ national wide.

As a result of this clean up project in urban cities, the community members with various businesses like butcher and shops have joined without hesitation for the good a proper working environment which calls for customers and also brings about health living. Young generation students in schools and institutions have benefited through the knowledge acquired and this has developed their inner understanding about the sanitation and general hygiene. With this outreach example, the students do demonstrations at school and in their homes.

In Gulu, a sanitization program was carried out in certain communities centered on Clean Water and Sanitation and Hygiene UNSDG 6, people were educated on hygiene and solar borehole was donated to provide clean water. Besides the above said issues tackled, schools in Jinja municipality were engaged in climate action through planting trees in their school compounds and the institutes intensified this action by planting cooperate trees along the roads in the municipal center.

This is the SDG 13, in this it is helping young people to know the importance of trees and why global warming in place from one country to another.


The reality of life is that human activity has put so much pressure on natural resources affecting climate, quality of farm land and increasing risk of NATURAL disasters like famine and pro longed droughts. Its only decisive human action that will change the status of a looming catastrophe of self-destruction. Municipal Alliance for Better and Smart Cities joins the rest of the world in adopting green business technology and ideas to reverse this impending crisis. More so Nature conservation for future sustainability through tree planting campaigns.