Re-greening environment in schools and urban areas

As part of our concern for community, we launched a national tree planting mobilization campaign for schools and institution dubbed, plant-a-future tree campaign, in September 2018. As part of this campaign, in 2019, the first 20 institutions/schools from twenty districts joined the competition by planting 500 Podocapas, 500 Cashew Nut tree seedlings and 500 Fruit trees.

Here we have different activities not limited to medical camps arranged in various areas of the country. In this we have called upon the district health officers and have discussed the modalities of making such activities in health sector a success. An HIV/Aids sensitization campaign is a progressive activity that is underway. In this matter, the organization has registered cases of positive living families that need continuous counselling and guiding them and this has been assigned a committee to give prior support to this vulnerable group of people.