Administration and Finance

This is a service-support department that is responsible for leading, supporting and developing an internal team that supports the following areas on the day-today basis:

  1. Finance
  2. Administration
  3. Communication
  4. Human resources management
  5. Procurement and logistics
The external objective of this department is to provide full and timely accountability to our funders and stakeholders through adherence to high standards of financial management and reporting which ensure reliability and transparency. This objective is central to the organization’s need to have formalized accounting procedures – that are recognized and accepted by the Government of Uganda, the Uganda Revenue Authority, funders and key stake holders. MABAS recognizes that consistent, timely, complete, accurate and reliable financial and administrative information is a key ingredient of high quality institutional decision-making.
On the other hand, the internal objective of the department is to provide sufficient full range of operational, financial, procurement and audit support, to allow unhindered delivery of core programs and project activities. As MABAS continues on its path to deliver desired goals and achieve its mission; and as the volume of transactions increases, it is imperative to continuously evaluate processes and procedures to ensure that the level and quality of support services provided is both adequate and sustainable.